EDITOR: X is right, Y is down?

Throughout the editor the default view places X+ towards the right (east in top view) and Y+ downwards (south in top view).

Is this correct? It’s different from UE3 (X+ goes up / north, Y+ goes right / east) and the idea that Y+ is down feels wrong.

I see it as: Z = vertical axis (up/down), X = horizontal axis (forward/back), Y = horizontal axis (right/left)

It is the standard for 2d screens: X0,Y0 is left top corner and Xmax,Ymax is the right bottom corner

Ze0rb, It’s a standard for 2D engines, but not 3D.

Ulls, that’s how I see it too. And that’s how it looks to work in 3D, but when you switch to the Top view the X axis faces to the right and the Y axis is down.

I’d say it’d be a problem for 2D viewports, but if you look at other 3D viewports, such as the Animation Viewer, X goes off to the right whilst Y goes down / towards the user.

If you switch to the Top view, the Y+ WOULD be down, because it’s Right in World Space. The Gizmo at the bottom-left of the viewport is designed to show World-Space coordinates. Wouldn’t be much use if you flicked into top-view and didn’t know which way was ‘North’ in world space.

To Clarify, Unreal Engine is Z-up. X is forward, Y is right, Z is up.

Yes, but as to which way is north, it is different between UE3 and UE4.

UE3 X positive = north, Y positive = east, when looking in top down mode
UE4 X positive = east, Y positive = south, when looking in a top down mode

I don’t understand why X is no longer north because a) there is nothing pointing north anymore and b) because Y positive being south seems backwards.

I don’t understand what you’re getting at with this point. I’m not criticizing the use of the gizmo, but stating that the gizmo in otherview ports suggest that UE4’s approach to X is East, Y is South is universal across the editor, and therefore not a case of the Top down view being out by 90 degrees.