Editor works incorrect under Linux after opening file dialog,

The Editor works incorrect under Linux and it destroys project configuration files when Linux Native Dialog is opened (no difference between GTK and Qt). This happens only when the language (e.g. Polish) uses comma “,” instead of dot “.” for fraction numbers (ex. not 3.5 but 3,5). This causes to write wrong formatted text into INI files, so editor works incorrect (disappearing window contents, unable to rotate the viewport, etc) until I close the editor, remove all INI files from project and start editor again.

Workaround: set environment variable export LANG=en_US.UTF-8 before running the editor.,

Hey -

Could you give some additional information to help me understand your issue. I’ve set the language for my machine to Polski in the Language Settings menu. When I open the editor I can still rotate the viewport with the mouse and all of the standard windows are visible. Is there something else that I’m missing in my setup? What do you mean “when Linux Native Dialog is opened”?


Hi !

export LANG=pl_PL.UTF-8


Create a new project, e.g. “Blueprint/Third Person”.

When UE4Editor is opened, everything works correctly. Then open a file dialog window (e.g. import an asset).

If you work with editor now, you can see that some windows may be empty (e.g. animation editor, blueprint editor, etc).

Close the editor, save all changes. Reopen the editor (with Polish language of course). Open the previous project.

Notice, that you cant rotate the viewport and the “Content Browser” is empty. Click “Window->Content Browser->Content Browser 2” - this works OK.

In “Content Browser 2” right click and import an asset. You can close the file dialog without importing anything. Then try to open e.g. animation editor - The window is empty.

Now if I change something in “Project Settings”, the DefaultGame.ini or DefaultEngine.ini will be destroyed and the game e.g. can’t Cook.

The problem is that in Polish language we use comma “,” for decimals, so “Unreal Engine” stores decimals with “,” instead of “.” in *.ini files (it happens after opening a file dialog - maybe it changes something in float-to-string conversion).

When file dialog was open, go to e.g. “Project Settings->Rendering” and change some values. Then open “DefaultEngine.ini” from game project directory in text editor and you can see commas instead of dots in decimals.

Thats all! Changing LANG to en_US.UTF-8 helps, but it should be fixed anyway :slight_smile:
If it doesn’t work on your system, I can try to record a movie or try to fix it by myself.

It seems that the newest version from 4.8 branch works OK :slight_smile: