Editor won't prompt a checkout of Game_Gather.ini when Target Settings have changed

Hey gang!

We are on 4.11.2. It appears that the Game_Gather.ini that is generated from the Localization Dashboard’s Target Settings isn’t being overwritten when you apply a change and that file is not checked out from Perforce. While this is logical, there is no Editor warning nor a prompt to do so in this case. The result is that the Gather process always runs according to the previous Target Settings of that script.

I’d like to recommend that the Editor be modified to warn and/or prompt checkout of that file when changes need to be applied.

Hello BrianFoxNRS,

I’m assuming, since you mention the “Localization Dashboard”, that you’re referring to the OneSky plugin? Where are the settings that you are changing and are they editor settings or project specific ones?

Thank you for that information. I was unaware that it was still an experimental feature so that would explain why I couldn’t find it. I’ve placed a bug in for the issue under the number UE-30124. I’ll keep you updated on the status of the report and if we need any more information. As this is an experimental feature, it may take some time before the report is worked on however.

Have a nice day!

Thanks for the prompt reply.

My case doesn’t involve the localization Service Provider plugins. I’m referring to the Target settings. For example, I have a Target named “Game”. I reconfigured the “Gather from Packages” settings such that my “Include Path Wildcards” points to a different path. Then, when I run the Gather process, I find that the results don’t match my new settings.

This is because the _Gather.ini script that is generated during the beginning of the Gather phase is not being overwritten with my changes since it isn’t checked out from Perforce (aka read-only). I would expect that the editor would alert me to this fact and prompt me to check out the file so I can apply the changes, which is behavior that occurs whenever other localization-related files need to be overwritten during the various dashboard operations.

If I manually check out the _Gather.ini script and repeat the process, it is overwritten and the results will match the new settings.