Editor Windows look different from Tutorial ones

I honestly need help I am a newbee at this stuff and when I go on to youtube for a tutorial for UE4 the guy’s set up is different from mine idk if it is the update or not but I get mixed up. And where he says to click and get stuff it’s not on my set up it looks completely different could some one help me? It would be gladly appreciated.

Hey Miles73 and welcome to the Unreal Engine 4 Forum (:

This is due to the recent Update 4.7. Epic changed the Blueprint Layout and made it more compact.
You don’t have the Components Tab anymore. This was moved to the upperleft. The 3D View of your BPs Components can be found
under “Viewport” (in the Blueprint near the “Event Graph” tab). It’s still all available, you just have to search the BP interface a bit.

The Tutorials will take some time to update, so you will run into this issue a bit often. Try to learn where everything can be found
and then look for tutorials. This way you can just click on the Spot that the Tutorial Maker named without searching it (:

Well the engine gets updated slightly with each new version, so you may be looking at old tutorials or something. Usually there will still be a way to do the same thing, but the UI may have been moved to another place.

In any case, I just posted a tutorial for texturing a spinning cube with the latest version of Unreal (4.7.2). Maybe it will help you: