Editor windows grow every time any project is opened 4.10.1

Since upgrading to 4.10.1 I have a strange problem.

I have 2 monitors with my main editor window maximised and Content Browser, Details and Output Log in separate windows on screen 2.

Since the 4.10.1 hotfix any non-maximised windows are growing and possibly creeping to the right when any project is opened which may seem trivial but is a major pain making the editor practically unusable on a day to day basis. This happening on all our machines in any project.

Using Window → Save Layout has no effect.


I would be very interested to know if anyone else is having this problem. It is affecting all or our machines.

Hi nicefive,

I have not been able to recreate the issue following these repro steps:

  1. Launch UE4 and open existing 4.10.1 project
  2. Size engine so that it is a floating window (not maximized)
  3. Select “Window → Save Layout”
  4. Closed Editor
  5. In the Launcher, select and open the 4.10.1 project
    RESULT: Window is the same size as when it was closed
  6. Resize window again, in order to double check
  7. Select “Window-> Save Layout”
  8. Close and reopen project through Launcher
    RESULT: Editor window retains the size at which it was when closed

If these steps do not reflect the problem you are experiences in your workflow, please advise how I can better reproduce the issue on our end.


Hello ,

Thank for coming back to me. I have prepared some screenshots and EditorLayout.ini files.

For the record I am running Windows 7 Pro x64 with an Nvidia GTX 760 graphics card. I am using the “Windows Classic” desktop theme and have 2 screens (primary to the right).

  • I created a new project using Unreal Engine 4.10.1 (although it affects all new and existing projects).
  • I carefully resized my windows as shown in the first screenshot and saved the layout.
  • Each time I open the editor the INIalt text file changes (Notepad++ picks this up) and adds exactly 10 pixels to the width and height of the sub windows. In effect this makes my “Content Browser” and “Modes/Details/World Settings” windows grow over each over and onto the right hand screen. The screenshots and INI files shows me closing and running the editor 4 times.

I can work around this by setting EditorLayout.ini to read only but I have to hack the INI as it adds 10 pixels on save or load (it is not clear which).

We have 5 computers with a similar configuration which all have the same symptoms.

I hope this information helps to track down this issue.



Thanks for the clarification and for taking the time to illustrate the issue with screenshots. Using this information, I have entered the following bug report: JIRA [UE-24465]. Once addressed, we will notify you with an update to this thread.

Thanks for making us aware of this issue,


Thanks for this.

For the record I have tested on Windows 7 standard theme (not classic), Windows 10 (default theme) and single monitors. All have the same problem, in short any window that is not maximised grows by 10 pixels in both width and height.

Making the INI file read only straight after saving also makes the windows grow (once) which would suggest that the values are written (no read) 10pixels too big.


This has been fixed for a later release of the engine: Changlist 2812854