Editor window specifically for lighting

I just finished watching the 2 lighting academy tutorials, also have some experience with lighting and it would be great if there was something similar to the other editor windows like persona/cascade. There is alot of stuff specific to lighting that is fragmented across the editor. One problem I have is trying to understand what features like the different kinds of AO/Shadows are available, where they are accessed or enabled, where there editable values are and what visual affect it has on a scene.

Some other criticisms that maybe wrong or have been changed are.

Lighting uses relative physical units and sometimes no physical values at all.
Skylights have a fixed value of 1 for indirect bounces ( I always thought the bounce numbers in lightmass were for the skylight aswell).
Skylights use a fixed compressed version of the sky for lighting calculations.
There is no preset for the directional light to emulate the sun.
A static skylight can’t use lighting channels.
There is no native way to set lightmap resolution relative to surface area like the AutoLightmapUEr plugin.
There is no realtime GI alternative to LPVs
Also, a virtual light meter in lumens would be great plus a luma/chroma histogram