Editor window scroll bar not showing/working

I am coming back to unreal from a long time ago, alot has changed and I am looking at making an editor tool/window - unsure if this is the right place to post this - I am having issues with getting a scroll bar working on my UI.

I am using the editor utility widget to generate the UI, got some decent progress but have now stumbled upon an issue that I am strugling to pass, when I have searched for the issue I have been getting in-game results, though have tried to resolve my issue using these I still having little luck, hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

The issue specifically is I want to create a scrollable portion of my window so when its too small the scroll bar shows and the user can scroll. I have nested a scroll box within a vertical box, and then nested buttons within the scroll box.
If I have the window smaller than is required and the always show scroll bar off then it doesnt show at all.
If I have the same as above but with the scroll bar always shown checked then the bar shows but never adjusts.
If I add another widget outside and below the scroll box (so is nested to the same parent as the scroll box, in this instance the vertical box) the box overlays the buttons above it but still has the same issue as above with no scrollbar/scroll bar not adjusting to correct(expected) area

As suggested in another thread I have ensured the render scale is set to 1 and the button texture size has been adjusted instead
Everything else is standard/unchanged (instant scroll was just a test made no difference)