Editor window and menu flickering and glitching

Wanted to check out UE5, downloaded, installed, launched, created a basic project - and getting this terrible flickering, rendering the whole thing unusable: https://youtu.be/NGHQK25mXYo

Computer: Windows 11 with all the updates, NVidia RTX-3090 with driver version 512.59, Intel i9-11900K, 3xM.2 SSD drives, LG CX 77" TV as the monitor.


unistall, delete the epic folder in program files x86, and install again

h. I have the same difficulty as you. Have you solved it

I had this problem in UE4. like @Husky211 said, uninstall, and delete the folder

Try this before uninstalling.

This happens generally in UE5 and UE4. You do not need to uninstall and install stuff again. That will happen in future. On nvidia, overlay test mode creates this issue.
Please run attached reg, in your registry file. Problem will be solved.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


mpo_disable.reg (252 Bytes)


Perfect. Thank you :slight_smile: