Editor Widget Crashes Levels and Itself on Load

Hi. I am Using BluePrint Editor Widget an experimental Feature. Pretty awesome and useful. BUT. I have noticed, that. When You Add It to view Port in a Certain Level and when duplicate this Level. Widget sort of… will duplicate Itself in the new level. It looks like there are two instances of it. When I Moved Editor Widget To Another Folder, Saved and Exit from Editor. Next Time Engine Crashes when I try Load duplicated level with editor enabled in it. Any Newly created levels working fine. Only those who was duplicated make crashes. I try open moved Editor Widget, it also crashes. Everything was fine before moving folder.
Fix Up Redirectors did not helped.
Steps I have tried to reproduce but no success. May be this is not the case. However. This Was the only thing I did before it stopped working. Moved to another folders.
1.Create New Project.

  1. Create Folder and Inside Create Map.
  2. Set Map As Default.
  3. Enable Editor Plugin
  4. Restart Engine
  5. Create Folder and Inside Editor Widget
  6. Run Editor Widget and Add it to panels
  7. Duplicate level, enter level. Save All. Restart Engine. Try Load Duplicated Level
  8. On Load, Move Widget to another Created Folder.
  9. Save and restart engine
  10. Try Enter Into the World

Moved Crashed Level to Empty Project. It is loading Now. However Found Even More terrific BUG. The Whole project can not open any BluePrint. It Goes Crashes. Create new blueprint from start. It Creates, Trying To Open it and Engine Crashes Exact the same way…

Created New Project. Copy And Paste One By One Each Asset. Many Of them Lost their Parent Connections, especially widgets. Some Actors Can not be re parent to simply Actors.
Well It seems Need to recreate all. This is the only way…