Editor wide import settings saved + presets

Hi, I would love to see the import settings saved in the editor. As I have to re-config my settings on each import, which is a big pain.

For example, these are the blender import settings, and they never really change that much…

Also, it would be great to even include these as presets in the editor, from a drop down box you could select Blender, 3Ds Max, Maya etc…

If and when I start importing assets into my projects (after I finish mining the docs), I could say this suggestion could be valuable. I wouldn’t want to have to repeat the process on every file.

btw gibbz. I don’t know what’s wrong here, or with the forums, but I can’t enlarge your attached pic, and I don’t know how to download it, to look at it on my computer. Unless that’s the size you uploaded and then I can’t read it at all, but maybe that’s not hte point. Cheers, Rigel

okay. I take it back. I right clicked and saved, and I got the full size image. That is some odd functionality. I almost never encounter rendering of the full size image scaled down on a website. I thought that was a thing of the past. In any case. Cheers!