Editor vs Application customization

Hello all,

I am currently investigatin use of Unreal for a new project and I would like to ask a few questions concerning the editor’s architecture. Let me say that I don’t know much about Unreal but have quite a bit of C++ experience in commercial visualization.
Basically, my project will revolve around highly specific customization of VR components. As in implementation components. One idea that came up during discussion was not to deploy a ready made application but a heavily customized editor that customers can then use to deploy their own scenarios.
Think an editor that doesn’t expose much but a few self made menus with pre-made character, device or blueprint items or anything of that sort. Our users can then load their own contents which we don’t have, combine it with our components in yet to be defined manner and deploy it for their customers.

My question is: Is that a feasable scenario that is supported / wanted by epic or would I work against epic which would bring that idea to quick end?

I am not so much talking about adding functionality to the editor (like a plug-in) though but also hiding a lot of it.

Feedback is much appreciated,