Editor Viewport Size Buttons

I don’t see this option at all and it really, really irks me.
I want to be able to set the in-editor view-port to some standard sizes on the fly.
The internal PIE window, to be clear.
We need 3 or 4 standard buttons. 2k, 1080p, 720p, 800x600 legacy.

Meanwhile, You can get the engine to print out values by hacking this into an empty actor tick event.
When you start playing in PIE you will get a printout. You can then manipulate the viewport size until you are happy with the values you get.

The typical response to this would be “you can set the DPI in windows” but I find this an irritating answer because then it changes the DPI to everything else, not just unreal. Various settings such as setting font and button sizes would be nice to see. I use this in 4k but could use it at 5k but everything is too small in unreal to make it practical. I’m guessing that’s what you’re trying to say too?

it has nothing to do with DPI.
I want to set the internal size of the editor window.