Editor Utility Widgets in PIE

So I have been trying to set up a simple editor utility widget that connects to one of the actors in my level and manipulates the actor in some way.

Runs perfectly in editor while PIE is not running. However if I try to run it with PIE running I just get an error: LogEditorScripting: Error: The Editor is currently in a play mode.

The documentation Ive found doesn’t really say anything about this limitation. So, is it possible to us an Editor Utility Widget while PIE is running? If not, is there another route that will let me do this in editor and in pie?


I had that error message too. It comes because you have Editor Scripting functions in the Tick event. If possible remove the function from the Tick event otherwise you will get the error message in PIE, if the Editor Widget is open.
In my case I had the function “GetAllLevelActors” in the Tick event and in some GetText functions.