Editor Utility Widgets Feedback

I am very interested in this feature. I’m trying to get this to work but it crashes the engine! Any guidness is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi scha, may I ask a question.

I want a functionality to spawn a specific actor at current editor viewport camera position, but could not find a proper way to get that location. Well, you mentioned editor viewport camera position is accessible right? Please tell me how to do that please! Thanks a lot.

I’m trying to write a simple function to open EditorUtilityWidgets. This function is in the EditorModule of my game.

void FMyGameEditorModule::OpenEditorUtilityWidget(FSoftObjectPath ObjectPat)
UObject* WigetObject = ObjectPat.TryLoad();
UEditorUtilityWidgetBlueprint* EditorWidget = Cast<UEditorUtilityWidgetBlueprint>(WigetObject);
UEditorUtilitySubsystem* EditorUtilitySubsystem = GEditor->GetEditorSubsystem<UEditorUtilitySubsystem>();

When i try to compile i’m getting this: error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "private: static class UClass * __cdecl UEditorUtilityWidgetBlueprint::GetPrivateStaticClass(void)"
on this line UEditorUtilityWidgetBlueprint EditorWidget = Cast<UEditorUtilityWidgetBlueprint>(WigetObject);*
Engine version is 4.25.4

Any idea on how to resolve this? Or another way to open UEditorUtilityWidgetBlueprint?

Unfortunately UEditorUtilityWidgetBlueprint is not exported in 4.25 , you will need to update to 4.26 (class BLUTILITY_API UEditorUtilityWidgetBlueprint : public UWidgetBlueprint) to be able to use it in your modules.

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I’d love for the ability to edit features outside of runtime. For example if I could use Python or Blueprints to access the BP viewport and add/remove components from a content browser asset that would be amazing. Any idea if this is doable or on the roadmap?

I was wondering if there is a way to have a struct displayed in a DetailsView like other var ?

I inherited a new class from ueditorutilitywidget in order to add some additional functions and properties. However, when I created a new editor script and let the editor script inherit to this new class, the editor prompted me that I could not use the editor script function in a class other than editorutilitywidget. This is very strange, My new parent class is obviously inherited from ueditorutilitywidget, but the editor thinks that it doesn’t have the function of ueditorutilitywidget;

Supplement: the new subclass is created by C + +, while the actual script is created by editor script, and then the parent item is changed;

In UE5 EA, the editor scripting functions are not available - when can we expect them to work again, will they make it for the official UE5 release? There are a lot of useful editor utility functions like actor selection functions, mesh merging, etc. that we can’t use for now in UE5 EA.

I’m about to submit an Unreal Engine bug on Add Box Collider in a constructor not working for streaming levels (I have a repro project).

I never wanted that functionality in the constructor anyway, but the trouble is that you’re not allowed to use the Add Box Collider node in Editor Utility Widgets…

(EDIT: Submitted it as 00355738.)

Just submitted this bug…

00361310: Editor Utility Widgets don’t print unless you’ve clicked simulate/play at least once since last Unreal Editor restart.

Also, you can get loaded levels, but not their names? And not the name of the level an actor is in?

(EDIT: Absolutely terrible workaround here.)

Hi, i’d like to make buttons to set light map resolution via editor widget but the only exposed parameters is “get light map reslution” and there is no “set”…
I try to use recorsive “compute lightmap density” till it reach the correct value but it’s not the right way to achive my goal (and also it’s a very wrong way of doing things…).

It will be usefull to have expose at least all the parameters in the details rollout and not only some of them…