Editor Utility Widget appearance options problems

I’m developing a Editor Utility Widget and I keep running into some issues when setting up the visuals for my tool.

ISSUE #1: When I have a text box added to my tool that has a texture assigned to its appearance, the tint is automatically defaulted to black. This default seems to be re-initialized every time I start the editor regardless if I save the tint option to a new color. In the thumbnail image of my tool on startup after changing the tint, I see the correct tint, but when I open the tool, it changes back to black.

ISSUE #2 The drop down arrow for combo boxes also seems to be re-initialized to the default arrow drop down on opening of my widget after restarting the editor in the same way.

I have created official bug reports for both of these issues but I haven’t heard anything or been able to locate the reports on the public-facing tool. Often times, It is something we are doing incorrectly so I would like to know if anyone has any help with this issue as it is keeping me from having the desired look of my tool.

Edit: I also wanted to give some extra information, I was able to re-create these problems in a fresh project. The Version I’m developing in currently is 5.1