Editor Utility Blueprint Function Library?

I’d like to create a Blueprint Function Library that would have access to Editor Utilities (e.g. Python commands). Can’t figure out how to do it?

Hey @ilozen, hope your project is going well!
I know that Python support is technically experimental, but you should be able to access the subsystems by using this command:

my_engine_subsystem = unreal.get_engine_subsystem(unreal.MyEngineSubsystem)
my_editor_subsystem = unreal.get_editor_subsystem(unreal.MyEditorSubsystem)

If you wanted to look a bit more into as well, here is a link to the Subsystems section of the docs that deals with handling the Editor Utilities: Programming Subsystems | Unreal Engine 4.27 Documentation
I hope this can help you out!

You mean creating a blueprint function library in general and us it in Blutilities? or access editor utils?

I want to make a blueprint function library which uses Python nodes and to be able to use this functions in editor utility widgets / blueprints.

So basically you want this chain? BP → Python → BP right?