Editor Utility Blueprint AssetActionUtility GrrrRRrr!

Anyone know what obvious thing I’m missing? I’ve found docs & tutorials doing this but I just can’t make it work!

I’m trying to get Editor Utility Blueprint to operate on the selected content browser assets, but GetSelectedAssets just returns “blueprint” for GetClass GetDisplayName and it won’t cast to anything. Have tried actors and textures.

Editor Utility Blueprint & simple test actor (Also tried with testactor not being “is data only”)

Function shows up

And the function GRRRRR returns “LogBlueprintUserMessages: [None] Bleh…”. It does have the right item to some degree, the ArrayElement GetDisplayName is “testactor”

This seems like it may just not work for actors, and doesn’t seem like you can do much with a Blueprint in blueprints. I think i got this working with a Texture2D. I’ve moved on to modifying a content browser actor asset in c++.

Hi same question here, can you show me how to do it in C++? or can you give me any tutorial video? Really Appreciated.