Editor using 14GB of Mem

So I was trying to get my map generator to work in event graph after pasting it over from construction script when I ran into an interesting event:

I had EventBeginPlay plugged into SpawnActor but it wasn’t generating when I hit play. Then I dropped my blueprint into the level and hit play, which froze unreal editor. I let it sit for about 5 minutes thinking maybe it would load up. When it didn’t, I was going to end the program with task manager when I noticed it was using 14GB of memory. It drifted +/-100MB but generally stayed the same.

Somehow I didn’t notice a slowdown with Chrome or Windows in general with 1.5GB of ram left.

When I reloaded the editor I plugged EventBeginPlay back into my sequence and dropped it into the world. When I hit play, it worked fine.

Propably there is some endless loop in your map generator class.

Another thing I am running into in EventGraph that I wasn’t seeing in ConstructionScript is the 1,000,000 loop limit. I guess it doesn’t exist in Construction.

However, I am not sure why I am hitting the limit at all. This only happens when I increase my map size from 200 to 800 tiles(or higher). Worst case, I have 6 WhileLoops that each have an array with 60 vectors. They are run 800 times. That is 288,000 loops. I have another thousand or so loops elsewhere, but nothing to compare with my main run and nothing directly inline to loop them again…

I have a test array that outputs an index fed to a print string which gives me a reliable count of how many times an execution point is reached, but I can’t find anything that counts higher than 40K, which is well below my worst case.

Maybe, but why would I be able to generate maps in construction script with 12K tiles, and now it is throwing problems at me with 800 tiles in event graph? 200 tile maps work fine in event graph though.

How exactly does it count “Iterations”?

Every loop executed I add an Integer to an array. At the end, I print string for the last index of that array.

63K loops no problem. 70K busts me. Is it counting more than just the loops?