Editor: UI Text: Displays green narratives.

So in a lot of places in my project (That I just updated from 4.3 to 4.4) there are places where the UI elements are labeled with green text.

Please see attachment.

Have you made any changes to UE4 itself (just to rule out any merge issues after the update)?

No this is a stock build not from source, no plugins and no changes to settings. I opened an existing project and it upgraded from 4.3

It looks as if you have somehow enabled the setting “Editor Preferences->Miscellaneous->Display UIExtension Points”.

Unchecking this should hide the green text (after an editor restart).

That did it. What is interesting is every check box in the editor settings is checked…but I don’t recall changing any of that and certainly don’t remember checking everything. But in either case it is all better, thanks.