Editor UI- "Pinnable" Fullscreen Bars


UI elements have option to be “pinnable” as includable in the viewport, specifically for maintaining their visibility during fullscreen use of the viewport.


Though my workstation has 4 monitors, some workflows are more difficult when transitioning back and forth. Landscape manipulation, in particular, can become quite tedious. The helpful brushes often feel outweighed by the fact that I have to manually resize and relocate bars to get the best view of the landscape being edited. Worse still is the editor’s tendancy to crash during certain types of landscape manipulation: Leading to having to spend another few minutes reorganizing the “free floating” utility bars from the previous session, as their status of being “unpinned” means that their positions are not saved. So I spend about 1/3 of my working time, due to the frequency of crashing during this process, repositioning the windows to match the previous session.
I feel that fixing the crashes is difficult, and that adjusting a widget’s ability to snap “into” the viewport is easy, and thus this solution seems the best given all context.


Allow windows such as the landscape tools to be pinned INSIDE the viewport, not just above it. As when entering fullscreen viewport, they disappear from view. Which limits working speed by either limiting workable resolution, or requiring frequent editor layout adjustments that can heavily slow down an otherwise efficient workflow.