Editor UI - feature request / bug fix _ Moving files


I would like to request the ability to drag and drop content into folders.
It works but only when dragging into the folders section… not sure how to explain this so here is a picture

The orange line method does not work.
Blue works. You cannot drag stuff into a folder on the right, only on the left. Hope that makes sense

Thanks for reading

Weird, I’m getting Copy/Move here submenu and it working correctly =/

Hmm. Perhaps version difference?
I’m using 4.7.6

Nothing happens if i try the orange route.

Ok, I think I’ve found this bug:
You could change View Type in View Options and only Tiles view type works correctly. List/Column view type fails to execute drag’n’drop feature

It also fails to work if you have two windows of the content browser open and drag from one into the other… The copy/move dialog appears, but nothing gets done…

Hi Crocopede,

I can confirm the same thing on my end. When I grab an asset to move from either section and move to a new location I get the Copy/Move options. Tested this with 4.7.6 and 4.8.

Even out of curiosity, I tested different asset types and was able to do this.

Is this happening in any project you have or just this one in particular?

Interesting thanks guys. Least its not a train smash. Still… got to report on everything we find i guess.

Edit : Only saw your post now Tim.
I haven’t tested other projects but will get back to you as soon as i do.

Another Edit : Tested on other project and got the same result. ZeOrb is correct. It works fine if using tiles view but if you use list view it does not work.

You’re right. I missed zeOrb’s post earlier.

I’ll update with a ticket number shortly if there isn’t one already in the system.




This is a known issue with UE-1206.

Thx man much appreciated