Editor tooltips are way too aggressive

Having tooltips for editor components is fantastic. Having those tooltips show up all the time is not. It’s incredibly annoying to, for example, be trying to move blueprint components around and having my view of where I’m placing them be blocked by a tooltip. Or editing the name of a variable only to not been able to see what I’m typing because there’s a tooltip in the way. Not only can I not find a way to make the tooltip activation time longer, there doesn’t even seem to be a way to make it go away other than to mouse off of what is causing it.

Please make the tooltips an opt-in experience. Namely, make it require a long intentional hover and not appear during drags or text entry. Only if the cursor movement was the last input and it has been placed over the same element for a significant amount of time.

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Just want to jump in and say I agree. The tooltip should have a longer delay, and a toggle for disabling entirely would be nice.

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I was digging and digging and couldn’t find how to change this, this is the newest thread in the top google results so i figured id reply here as likely many are hitting dead ends like i was.

In the “Enter Console Command” box under the Content Browser i entered “Slate.TooltipSummonDelay 1” (default is “0.15” that helped big time.

There’s also “Slate.TooltipIntroDuration” and “Slate.ToolTipWrapWidth” that i haven’t played with yet.

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Thanks, you’re a lifesaver!