Editor Tab Settings for Multiple Monitors

is somewhat similar to the discussion going on HERE about editor tab optimizations, but I thought I would create a separate thread on as it is only an on multiple monitors. Here is the:

I use 2 monitors, and I un-dock the Scene Outliner, Modes, Details, and Content Browser panels from the main window, and dock/arrange them all into a separate window I keep on monitor 2. way I get a large viewport on my main monitor and is less cluttered, with all of the details and others available on my other screen.

The comes when I add another tab to the main window with the viewport. If I have any tab other than the viewport selected (a material for instance), my content browser and other window on monitor 2 disappears, and only re-appears when the viewport is once again selected in the main window.

I would like it if there was an option to turn off behavior, as I will often want to select an item in the content browser so that I can quickly drag/drop a texture into a material, or select an item in the content browser and click “Use selected asset from Content Browser”. I don’t like having to switch the main window tab to the viewport just to get my content browser to pop back up, so I would appreciate an option to allow the other window to stay visible at all times.

Thanks! :slight_smile: