Editor Stutter When Replicating Sound

I am playing an audio component footstep sound using anim notifys, however most of the time when the player steps the editor seems to stutter for a second, like freeze. The freeze only happens when I am using 2+ players.

Am I the only one experiencing this problem or am I doing something wrong here?

You should have a look at your log while moving, when the game freezes again it might give you some messages and a clue as to what is happening. If that yields no results you can use the profiling tool to track what is taking so long.
Unrelated to the question I would recommend you to not send footstep sound events from the owning client to the server and then to all clients again. These are rather cosmetic and subtle effects, everyone should just play them locally after the anim notify event.

even just connecting a play sound node straight to the anim notify event makes the editor lag, I might try 4.20 if it still lags?