Editor stuck in foliage mode

So this is the second or third time this happened to me , i am in 4.22 and i put out a fairly large amount of foliage with the tool , and it gets stuck in foliage mode . I can see the cursor is stuck in foliage select. I cannot select any static meshes , only when i click it selects all foliage. I tried restarting but it is still stuck . Is there any bug reported for this?

I can’t even de select it, its a lot of work to put the foliage in and i have to start over each time this happens.

So i put out some foliage and it was working . I saved level and tested and it was working. So i closed editor and made a backup , then when i open project again , its not working , stuck in foliage mode again. Like cursor is stuck in foliage select crosshair.

It even selects foliage when i am in landscape mode.

No one had this happen?