Editor startup time in Linux

I see very different startup time in Windows and in Linux on the same machine with proprietary NVidia drivers.
6 seconds in Windows and 60 seconds in Linux. The machine is a 6 core i7 with GTX 1060 max-q laptop.

Is there a way to improve startup time in Linux?


Yeah I have looked into this before, the problem overall which comes from all the dynamic loading on startup with the number of *.so we are loading. This accounted for about ~60% of the startup time so there are some more areas to dig into, but you’re correct and we are aware of this start up time difference/issue on Windows vs Linux.

Brandon Schaefer

Thanks. You are right. It seems that it’s 80% is on my machine.
Is it possible to build statically?
I also read that the “-fvisibility=hidden” gcc parameter can significantly improve loading time, but adding that to the code and specifying the exported symbols manually is over my head at the moment.

We already default to hidden by default since 4.23, but since we were already using --as-needed it seemed to do the same sort of thing. You can build the editor as monolithic as long as you dont need to rebuild the editor often by changing Engine/Source/UE4Editor.Target.cs and setting LinkType = TargetLinkType.Monolithic

Unfortunately I got a linker error with monolithic build:
Many duplicate symbol errors.
List of errors: ld.lld: error: duplicate symbol: LogAutoClusterCommand>>> defined at AutoClust - Pastebin.com