Editor Standalone Plugin with a seperate viewport

Hello everyone,

currently I am developing a plugin for Unreal as a student project and I am not that experienced in C++ yet.
At the moment I am trying to add a viewport to my editor standalone plugin, but I do not know how I can implement it properly. I added a SViewport to my SHorizontalBox slot, but all I see is a black viewport and do not know where to go from here. How can I add content to the viewport? Or how do I even render things? Do I need to override the SViewport class to code my own viewport?
I tried to look it up in the documentation, but quite frankly I did not understand anything :rolleyes:.

I hope you can help me. Thanks for even reading this far.:smiley:

What kind of content do you want to add to it? SEditorViewport or one of its sub-classes may be more appropriate. Take a look at SMaterialEditor3DPreviewViewport which lets you set a preview asset to render in it.

I want to display a procedural generation of a 3D object in it. And thanks for the tip, I will take a look at it.