[Editor Settings Request] Option to Always Show All Advanced Properties

Dear Friends at Epic,

I find the the fact that advanced properties get hidden from me, unless I remember to turn on Show all Advanced, rather infuriating

(please) see this post of mine

Can you please add an option to always see all advanced properties so I dont have to remember to re-check it every time I load the editor?!

It slows down my work flow and makes me spend time looking for things that are there… but arent… cause they’re hidden from me… why?

I should have option to opt out of these layers of insulation from the Engine, I don’t need protection from the Engine, please, make an option so I never have to hunt for things that you are hiding from me ever again


PS: the fact that I can’t always have this enabled I consider a bug, it is not yet something I can just opt out of once and not have to deal with every time I load the editor


I took a look and sure enough the editor does not have the ability to keep that value as "on by default’ currently. I put in a feature request to give that panel a “Save As Defaults” option so that you can avoid that hassle.



Thanks !