Editor Scripting Tools Plugin

Hello everyone !

  • What is Editor Scripting Tools Plugin ?

Editor Scripting Tools is an editor plugin providing a set of tools and utilities allowing Blueprint users to extend and customize some part the unreal editor without the need of using C++.

  • Utilities Blueprints & Assets

Enjoy !

Thank you so much for this plugin! I’ve been waiting months to try it out!

Same here, thank you very much! It looks very promising. I already know where i am going to use that thumbnails feature!
And if i can ask, is it possible to spawn asset thumbnail widgets? i tried to populate horizontal box with them, and i could not figure out how to spawn widget of that type.
How do you use ‘Editor user defined actions’ ?
Again, thank you for the plugin!!

  • For User Defined Actions , you can check “SelectedActorMover_WG” , one thing to keep in mind , for example if you use “Delete” key in your tool , the editor delete action will be executed too.

  • As simple way to do that is to create an “EditorUserWidget” to host an “AssetThumbailWidget” like this :

  • AssetThumbnail_WG

  • MyUtility_WG

Thanks for the ‘defined actions’ tip, i am going to look at it soon.
But the widget creation doesn’t work. In the drop down menu, there is no entry to select ‘AssetThumbnail_WG’. Any hint on what i am doing wrong?
(more info: I am testing this in clean, empty project, i have Engine and Plugin content visible in the Content browser.)

You need to create a “EditorUserWidget” and add a “AssetThumbnailWigdet” to it , like in the second screenshot

Ah! I feel properly stupid :smiley:
Thank you!!

Thanks for sharing @Mhousse1247. :cool: Just curious: is there anything in the Plugin that would help with feature requests like this or this…

Unfortunately CB extensions are not handled by this plugin.

Kudos for making this. It looks very impressive. I have made struct detail customizations before, and I want to ask? Can this plugin create a detail customization only for BP created structs, or for c++ defined structs as well?

Nope , struct customization is not supported at the moment !

Update :
Added new tools samples