Editor responsiveness and play in editor fps is slowing over a session

I have been working on a project for quite a few months now and have suddenly in the last few days been experiencing this issue. I will boot the editor and all is good but as I continue working the editor will become very laggy. My in play in editor framerate drops on GPU quite a bit over time if I leave it to run. My frame rate while moving around the blueprint viewport slows to around 5fps. Editing most properties becomes very slow e.g.

12 seconds to compile
7 seconds to create new variable
7 seconds to delete variable
12 seconds to change linear damping value

This started happening when working on a projectile blueprint but not sure if it is directly related to that work or not. I don’t think I’m doing anything too crazy in there, I have some line traces on tick but I disconnected event tick in that BP and all these issues still happen.

Are there any good tools I can use to track down the cause of this?

Also, when I restart the editor everything works fine again for a time until things start to grind almost to a halt again. Any help would be really appreciated, thanks!

When you play the level, does the count of actors continually increase?


No not continually, goes up by a few when the enemy emits the projectiles then back down as those objects are destroyed

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Can you put the projectile code in there?

Or, if you can migrate the necessary parts to a small project, I’ll take a look if you like.