Editor, RAM usage increasing overtime

Hi, i have multiple questions but let me explain what happened.
I started a new blank project with just a small square surface where to test my character.
I set up just the basic movement with the animations. But i notice that the traslation isnt smooth or when i moving back, the right animation dont trigger. So for… 3 hours? I spent to try to fix it. So i just working on blueprint. Not adding new content, only work with variables on my event graph with blueprint.
I notice that for more i working on it more my ram usage increase. Started from a 1,5 gb when i open my project and for now reached 3gb in couple of hours. Probably if i try to keep working on it, it could increase more and more.
I have 16gb ram.

So here my questions:

  1. Can i limit the ram usage?
  2. Is it normal that ram usage keeps increase over time without adding new content?
  3. How much ram do i need for creating a final product?

I mean, if i wanna recreate some exist game such as GTA, battlegrounds, Dota2, how many ram do i need?
Because if unreal engine need 3 gb of ram just for one character with basic movement and animation in a small word with judt a square where to walk, what happen if i add more stuff, like spell, enemies, a bigger place with trees and stuff? Do i really need 1 terabyte of ram? Lol.

no you dont need a terabyte of ram. the more things you have open and the more things you work on the more that gets stored in memory so it can be retrieved faster. also when you have more ram in your system the operating system will use more of it also for like reference tables and things. try closing your project an then reopen it. you will probably see the ram usage drop once you do that.

Seems fine to me, 16gb should be more than enough to create your game world as long as your assets are properly optimized. The only time you’ll probably need more is when building lighting. Also your character maybe using more resources than necessary, I suggest you check your character’s triangle count and texture sizes, if its more than you need try to reduce it.