editor problem

how do i fix this. cant launch game to desktop in editor
i’ve un installed ue4 and reinstalled running 4.4.3 and using the current ut4 build from github and still cant launch game to desktop. started doing this when I went from version 4.4.2 to 4.4.3 … what am I doing wrong or is thing broken… currently running a q6600 win 7 64bit 4gigram
this is the error I get at the bottom of the build log wile running.

LogPlayLevelisplay: Program.Main: ERROR: Command failed (Result:2): C:Program FilesUnreal Engine4.4EngineBinariesDotNETUnrealBuildTool.exe UnrealTournament Win64 Development -generatemanifest “C:UserstwocenstDocumentsUnreal ProjectsUnrealTournament-masterUnrealTournamentUnrealTournament.uproject” -noxge -rocket. See logfile for details: ‘UnrealBuildTool.txt’ LogPlayLevelisplay: ProcessManager.KillAll: Trying to kill 0 spawned processes. LogPlayLevelisplay: Program.Main: AutomationTool exiting with ExitCode=2 LogPlayLevelisplay: Domain_ProcessExit LogPlayLevelisplay: ProcessManager.KillAll: Trying to kill 0 spawned processes. LogPlayLevelisplay: copying UAT log files… LogPlayLevelisplay: RunUAT.bat ERROR: AutomationTool was unable to run successfully. LogPlayLevelisplay: BUILD FAILED

and ive posted at answer hub with no help.

It hasnt even been a full day since you posted it at AnswerHub and it is weekend, so be patient and dont spam the forum please. You are also posting this in an irrelevant section of the forum.

I’m moving this to General Discussion with a link to your AnswerHub post and hopefully you’ll get help tomorrow.

ive seen others that have posted about the same error and they have had no answers either and they been there for a while.

still needing help please…

Probably you will find a solution for that in the other threads about this topic. Just search for e.g package error AutomationTool :slight_smile:

Howdy platnumspider,

Have you been following this forum post on how to get UT pre alpha: ?

yes and I have current build from both the forum and github. with new updated engine running 4.4.3 and now nothing works 4.4.3 cant load unreal tournament project file.