Editor Plugin for Live Media Nodes that plays/displays media directly in the Blueprints Node Graph

Hello to all Awesome Marketplace Content Providers,

Comments are awesome. I can put reference text to videos, audio, image slideshow, webpages, etc, but I have to break my immersion in the UnrealEditor to view them. I’m requesting a Editor Extension Plugin for Live Media Nodes (Video, Audio, Image/Image Slides, Webpages), that plays/displays media directly in the Blueprints Node Graph. A step beyond the ‘Documentation Node’, possibly utilizing the existing Material Preview feature. I believe Audio/Visuals inside the Node Graph would really push the concept of a Visual Scripting Language to another level.

Live Media BP Node Previz

Thank You for your consideration.

PS: I cannot wait to wire up Blueprints in 3D/VR. +1 Vote for Blueprints3D in UE5!

Any takers?

It is doable, but there are some drawbacks:

  • you can use in your own projects, because if you sell the project, the buyer needs to have it installed too
  • as far as I know you cannot sell assets with plugin dependancy, making necessary this plugin to be a free community project, it gets hard for ppl to pay attention for it
  • might cause increased load times for your blueprint, since there are snapshots from images, sound and shot from video to show

with those said, it seems more of a request feature for the engine editor, because it is easier to track all of the dependancies, because if something changes (and will) at the editor and it will clearly produce necessary changes to the plugin, that will break easily compatibility on newer enginer versions, but as a engine editor feature, it is guaranteed that newer engine versions will already consider its revision, since any changes would afftect it sonner during the dev process.

If I had money slipping out of my pocket to spare such amount of time I would do it, because I think thats the kind of feature that makes a dev environment precious to the meeting eye, but can’t right now.

@NilsonLima Sincere Thanks for replying. You have some very good points on drawbacks. I’m thinking the Nodes would be either or omitted or replaced with Comment if the plugin is not installed (Most likely with an advert to purchase the plugin to see the contents …LOL). In regards to load time, options for deferred and background loading are possible. I would anticipate images retrieved from a server to be cached to have alt text-based description (similar to how webbrowser handles images). I assumed it would be an engine/editor plugin similar to Dungeon Architect which does a good job of keeping up with engine version.

I do understand how precious time is and I’m prepared to pre-order and wait for you to get time to develop it :slight_smile:

Im think some of my fellows had a product idea that might use the necessary code to implement this… I will tell them to do this plugin instead, as a proof of concept for the other one (which is huge). If they do it descomplicated, well documented and easy to maintain, we will post the news here in few weeks. I have also to take a look at the engine source to understand why the nativization is failing for one blueprint we got and possibly will end helping them later.


@NilsonLima that’s fantastic. I’ve can assist in any information gathering to move dev forward, please advise.