Editor performance impacted by docked windows


I’m running UE 5.EA2 on Windows 7. In a completely black empty scene I get around 9 FPS. On a 980Ti. But to my point in the header: I have more “tabs” opened, material editors etc, around 10 of those. All “docked” to the main bar and out of sight so to say. I thought they wouldn’t impact performance in that mode. However they do! I closed all 10 of them, and performance slowly got up to 40 FPS. Super wierd. Do I have to switch to Windows 10 or what?

Every UI element is refreshing every frame.
If you have a ton of blueprint nodes and wires on your screen, they will impact Editor performance.

Yeah, I understand that. What I don’t understand is why the cost is incured even if I don’t see them. The windows are fully docked and only the tab is showing, nothing of the content of the window. It’s not like I have a bunch of floating windows with materials balls over the screen - but performance wise it feels like it. That seems unoptimized.