Editor Panes out of control!

I must say that the amount of complexity and ease of use in this editor is wonderful and greatly appreciated. the blueprints are especially awesome but I am finding some frustration with window overload.

Would it be possible to cause all panes for blueprints change to the current blueprint tab instead of bringing up a whole new set of panes? it would be nice if the main editor window would come to the front when clicked on even though the blueprint editor is also open. I would really prefer to have all editors open in the same main window regardless of whether it was a blueprint or a material or a mesh etc…

I find that I get lost in all the windows and panes that are open. there needs to be a way to control all the panes better and some of the panes do not maximize.

I have a 3 monitor setup, one for the main editor windows, one for the panes and one for the launcher window and web pages of tutorials. the problem is that the panes sometimes get totally confusing and I end up getting lost in all the different blueprint panes and which tab they relate to.

it would be nice if you could make a pane container window that would keep the layout and position of each pane and when switching from one tab to another it would show the new tabs pane information.

keep up the great work on this engine and I hope to see some interface improvements in the future!