Editor Option for Frame Rate/Memory not showing

Sorry about asking this here, it appears there is no category in the forums to ask about a Editor UI issue. I figured that people developing may have run across this and would know the answer.

I’m trying enable this option so I will see the Frame Rate and Object count in the editor.

It appears no where in my project. The tool tip says it should appear in the main editor window. Is this a bug on the macOS version, a bug in UE5.0.2 or am I missing something that would cause it to appear?

Edit: Solution graphic shows that it is showing up on Windows. Appears to not show up only on Mac.

Hi there. Not sure as im using Ue5.00 but it shows for me at the top of the window. Here is a picture:

I used to use ue4 and it was in the editor window but it as moved.
Turn off and on the setting. That may help.
Best of luck

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Thanks very much for responding. It’s not showing up on Mac but apparently is on Windows. I’ll report it as a bug.

Thanks again.


Is this still not working for you? Not working for me either over a year later…

No, doesn’t seem to be showing up as of 5.3.1 on Mac. I have the option on but nothing.