Editor Opening Crash

Recently, when I tried to open my project, it just crashed. It has now always been doing this, with basically the same Log. It never used to do this, but after a few days of being painfully slow, it decided to crash, and now I’m here. Sometimes it will say ‘Out or Virtual Video Memory’ before closing and sometimes it will just generally crash. I have 16gb of RAM and an RTX 2060. I’ve had a look and my page file size is 16gb also.

I am running UE4.24.2

This is the link to the Log File https://drive.google.com/open?id=14YIYxkvakiu0dG9hQFVKU9cuTt5wCUcz

Thanks in advance

Same thing for me. Anytime i try to open a level map from many different projects purchased off of the Market Place I receive the “Out of video memory trying to allocate a texture!” error. The same exact projects open fine in 4.23. I have posted in the Answer Hub but no luck figuring it out. Hope someone can lead us in the right direction. I am running a GeForce 1080 so I wouldnt think it is actually running out of memory but I dont know.

Ok, no idea why this happened but going back to the previous autosaves fixed it. I only lost about 2 hours of work. Just want to say thank you Epic Games for adding auto-save features. Saved me at least 2 weeks of work being lost. As for your problem JCurtright, sorry but I have no idea. Have you definitely increased your page file sizing? (That’s what everyone is saying to do)

Glad you got it worked out! I have tried increasing pagefile sizing with no luck. Wish I had a previous saved file but these are new projects just trying to open a map in. I will just go back to 4.23 as much as I wanted to use the new features in 4.24.