Editor on osx

The editor performace on OS X 10.10.2 is pretty poor. I don’t mean just the speed with which everything compiles.
The mouse does not track the menu items correctly and i have to float the mouse somewhere above the context menu to select the desired item.

Is there any body working on making editor improvements for OS X?

Im not sure of this also happens on the PC version as I don’t use windows.

Drag and drop into folders from the finder does not work very well.

I work in the editor on OS X just about every day and haven’t experienced this particular problem you’re reporting with the mouse not being tracked correctly. You should report is as a bug on AnswerHub.

As for drag and drop not working, that may be related to the mouse problem, or it may be a separate unreported bug. I don’t use drag and drop in Unreal. I’m usually maximized on two screens, so it’s easier to use the import button.

Thanks for the reply, its good to know that it is working ok for some people. Im using a macbook and 2nd display too. Will file a bug and screen shots when I get a chance.

I can report I am getting this delay when trying to select things as well. I often have to click an object once, wait a second, then click it again before trying to change any values in the detail panel. If I don’t do this, often when I click on the detail panel, it acts as if I am not on the details panel and it clicks on whatever the detail panel is currently covering. This seems to get worse the longer I have the editor open. Restarting the editor is a small help, but to get things working as they should, I have to reboot.


You’re using a MacBook or MacBook Pro? Generally speaking, the MacBook and MacBook Air are just not great machines for Unreal because they use relatively low-end consumer mobile GPUs that prioritize energy usage (aka battery life) over computing power. Even the lower-end MacBook Pros without a discrete GPU struggle when running UE4.

Honestly, if you’re pushing two displays with a mobile GPU, you’re not leaving a lot of GPU power for the app, and I’m guessing this is the source of the problem. It’s not a Mac OS thing, it’s a Mac hardware thing. Right now, with the exception of the iMac 5K and the Mac Pro, most computers being shipped by Apple just don’t have great GPUs in them. :frowning: Epic has done a lot to make UE4 run better on Mac OS, but even on Windows, you can’t run it well without a good GPU, and Apple is shipping relatively few machines with powerful GPUs right now.

Apple’s focus lately has been much more on battery life and device weight. That might be the right call for their typical customer, but it’s not so good for gamers and game developers (not to mention, artists and designers)

The first thing you want to consider is knocking down the lighting and effects in the editor viewport. Whether that will get the performance into an acceptable range, I can’t say. If that doesn’t work, you might be better off getting a low-end Windows desktop with a good GPU, because getting a Mac that can run UE4 decently is going to set you back at least $2.5k. :frowning:

There was a bug that meant that if you dragged the Editor onto a secondary monitor with a different resolution you could end up with the mouse handling being ‘offset’ - I have fixed this on Main a.k.a master branch for 4.8, but that fix isn’t in 4.7. Apologies!

Yes, yes there are, including myself.

Add this to AnswerHub please so that it can be properly tracked. There’s no guarantee that we’ll find all the bugs people mention in the forum - AnswerHub questions stand a much better chance.

When you add this to AnswerHub give some typical examples that are causing you problems so that we know precisely what’s up for you.

Will do. And this is on my work system, a late 2013 6-core “trashcan” Mac Pro with dual D700s and 32 GB of RAM. It should be performing better then it is. My older mid-2010 12-core MacPro with 12GB of RAM at home tends to be more stable and faster on the exact same projects. I am using a nVidia 970 in the 12-core though. Could this be an issue with Apple’s ATI drivers, which have never really been stellar? Does ATI offer their own drivers for OS X like nVidia does? It could be the fact I’m driving 2 28" UHD displays and one 27" ACD at work and only a single 1080p display at home. Anyways, I’ll make a post on AnswerHub later today. Do you want a separate post for each issue or just a general Mac issues post? Cheers,





The Nvidia 970 is simply a much faster GPU than the single D700 we can use in UE4 - that’ll be why the 2010 12-Core Mac Pro is so much faster than the 2013 6-Core Mac Pro. With the way UE4’s rendering is structured & how OpenGL works it is unlikely we’ll ever be able to use the secondary GPU in the 2013 Mac Pro’s - OS X doesn’t have an efficient CrossFire-type solution.

IMHO experience at Feral & Epic AMD’s Mac drivers are usually very performant. You just happen to be comparing a slower GPU, the D700, to a faster one, the Nvidia 970, as noted above.

The more monitors you have the more pixels the GPU has to push, the slower it will go. Your work setup will render a huge number of pixels (18662400 assuming UHD == 3840 X 2160) which means a massive frame buffer & a heck of a lot of work for a solitary D700 to process.

Generally a separate post for each issue is preferred since it ends up being less confusing once we give each problem its own internal tracking number… however I’m sure we’ll cope with your post.