Editor on OSX can't save a map to 'Content' folder if it has symlink path

I just moved my ‘Unreal Projects’ folder to another hdd and did symlink from ~/Documents folder to new location.
After I made blank Cpp project and I tried to save the map to project content folder and I got message from editor:
Failed to save map
File is not in any of the following content folders:
/Volumes/SSD_Home/Users/eugene/Documents/Unreal Projects/CppScrolPlayground/Content

MacBook Pro Mid 2012
OSX Maverick 10.9.2

Thanks for reporting this. And sorry for inconvenience. I’ll investigate this today and will fix as soon as possible.

I guess editor in that case has path to ~/Documents/Unreal Projects/ProjectName/Content… but file save dialog returned absolute path of this folder


Thank you for your report. We were not able to investigate this on the engine version you reported, but there have been many version changes to UE4 since this question was first posted. With a new version of the Engine comes new fixes and it is possible that this issue has changed or may no longer occur. Due to timetable of when this issue was first posted, we are marking this post as resolved for tracking purposes.

If you are still experiencing the issue you reported in the current engine version, then please respond to this message with additional information and we will investigate as soon as possible. If you are experiencing a similar, but different issue at this time, please submit a new report for it.

Thank you.