Editor often crashing when compiling code

Hi, I’m currently developping a multiplayer game based on the Third Person template in UE4.14.3 in C++ and Blueprints with a small team. When we’re compiling code, the editor will often crash. We’ve had about 100 crashes in 2 months.

We usually have Visual Studio 2015 and the Unreal editor opened at the same time, and we compile code from the “Compile” button in the editor toolbar. Most of the time, the editor crashes and a window displays “An Unreal process has crashed”. We then launch the editor again and recompile successfully. The same thing kept happening to us on our previous C++ project in UE4.12, so I’m thinking we might be doing it wrong. Is there a better way of compiling our modified code or something else we could try?

Yeah, I also experience that once in a while. Epic might be very interested if you are able to reproduce that bug (if they don’t know about it already).

Same. it may be about the Engine itself .)

Try building the code in Visual Studio with ctrl+shift+B. Even if there were to be a bug, it won’t crash the Editor. If the crashing persists try debugging the project with F5 while in visual studio. Editor crashes are most often caused by hitting breakpoints in UE4 code and you will see a proper error message in the responsible function.

Alright thanks, I’ll try this and get back to you

I tried compiling from Visual Studio with Ctrl+Shift+B with the editor running. The build was successful but when it completed the editor crashed. I’ll try debugging it with F5 in Visual Studio.

Also, here is the log before it crashes:

link text

Could the «IsA(…)» assertion fail cause the editor to shutdown?

hard to tell, let me know what the debug results in