Editor multiplayer testing


I’m trying to intensively test my multiplayer game. I’ve been doing all of my testing with multiple editor windows on one machine so far.

But the game is getting more and more complex and I have to start doing some actual client to server connected testing. Which all works fine when I make a build. And even though building goes fairly fast, it’s still a major hassle to send the build back and forth to other people for testing.

Therefor I tried using the standalone editor version of editor launching. Basically i fire up a standalone and my friend fires one up in his editor project. Now we can connect and most things work. But some things that have a switch has authority node seem to cause issues.

What I think is happening is when you launch a standalone window in the editor it’s still treated as you are a server. So when I connect to my friend we are essentially two servers that are connected. And therefor the switch has authority node fires on both our game instances causing conflicts and issues.

Am I right in assuming this is what’s happening or is there another reason switch has authority node is behaving differently in actual build and standalone editor window?

And if it is in fact doing what I think it’s doing, how can I properly test my game from within the editor with multiple machines?

Interesting note: When i replace the “switch has authority” nodes with a “is server? branch” it seems to work. I think I know what’s going on. The switch has authority returns “authority” when it’s spawned by a player, doesn’t it? Meaning that when the actor is part of the level loading it will return authority. But then again, that doesn’t explain why it returns remote on an actual build.

Bump. I still need an answer to this. Cheers.

At “Play”, choose Advanced settings so you get into “Level Editor - Play”, here try to uncheck “Use Single Process” and increase the number of players to 2.
See if it works, I hope it does but I’m not sure.