Editor microfreezes

Anyone else having trouble with the editor or is it just me? i’m in 4.19 and after maybe every 15 seconds it starts micro freezing for a second , its very consistent, yet seems to take a few minutes after a level is open for it to start. . very difficult to deal with , move things around or even fly around on a level. seemed to just start in the last day or so. feels like DRM in a game. even happens in the content browser when trying to select something.

A lot of people: https://forums.unrealengine.com/unre…ups-constantly

Disabling nVidia Aftermath seems to be the solution. In 4.19 this requires a bit of a workaround but it’s better exposed in 4.20

Thing i dont get is i been using 4.19 for quite a while now and thus just started in the last day or so.