Editor menus size on Linux

I have a problem using the editor on a Linux setup with multi-monitor setup. When I open the editor is showing adapting to the size of both monitors, not just once. This makes every menu option and pop-up windows are showed on a ridiculous big way. And this is only happening on my primary monitor, using the editor on the secondary one eliminates this problem, but this is very uncomfortable for me.

Both monitors has the same resolution and are setted up on extended mode.

Using it on Windows doesn’t happen to me.

I already did this question, but on Linux section.

Hey GuilleData-

It sounds like you’re running into the issue reported here: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-52086) . Please try using the -nohighdpi argument when launching the editor to disable high DPI.


I have the same problem and -nohighdpi solved this, thanks

using -nohighdpi solved the problems, thanks