Editor Lockup! Please help

This is likely a bug of my own making… I plugged a Remove Index node into a For Loop and now the Editor locks up. I have to kill the process manually in Windows Task Manager, which shows the RAM usage constantly growing every second. Additionally, when I open the project, sometimes it freezes immediately, or it says “Do you wish to restore open assets?”, which lets me back into my BP, but I can’t even unplug the wire, as soon as I touch it, the Editor locks up again. What should I do?

Thanks for any help!


I finally got it to work: I had to delete the offending Blueprint, and then paste its most recent backup from the \Saved\Autosaves\Game\Blueprints folder back in. I had to fix a few nodes that were complaining about being unable to find things, and it still gives me one warning, but at least everything’s working again! First time I was really thankful for those Autosaves! :slight_smile: