Editor keys and movement weird

Hi guys,

New here today, I have been making 3d objects since Imagine for Amiga500 back in 1991. While I would not say i’m a skilled object maker I do love to render images.
I purchased the license today and downloaded my copy. Coming from Cinema 4D i’m finding the keys and controls weird for the editor as i’m switching between programs and was hoping they would be somewhat the same but it’s throwing me out of whack and I found myself so far away from the objects with just a few moves of the mouse.
I’m sure I will get it soon.

I’m using a imac27, 1GB graphics card and it seems kind of sluggish.
Most of the videos I have watched use a PC. No middle button on my mouse! :slight_smile:

Hope I design something interesting soon.


Good luck! While the Unreal Engine’s controls are unique, there is a lot of polish to them enabling efficient navigation of complex 3D environments without requiring lots of key combinations. With just the Left, Right, and Left+Right mouse buttons, you can navigate with 5 degrees of freedom, and with the right mouse button pressed you can use WASD to navigate with “3D shooter” style controls while turning with the mouse.

I could never get used to WASD controls. I changed mine to arrows and Num0 for jump and mouse to look. It has made the Play feature a lot easier to use.