Editor keeps old folders on restart : Bug


This is more of an annoyance than game breaking.
The editor keeps old folders that were deleted.

Sometimes i clean up projects and delete folders. I Save the game. I then run Redirection clean up. I save before this step because Redirection Clean up occasionally crashes my editor.

If it did not crash i close the project and open, only to find the folders are back. Even though they are empty they are there. It does not matter if i delete them 1000 times. They always reappear.

The picture on the left shows the cleaned up project. The one on the right shows that it displays the old information still after a restart.

The only thing that works is deleting them in the project. Closing the editor, and then delete the folders manually out of the explorer.

This occurs on 4.7.2 and has been since the early days of 4.7 preview builds.
I am running windows 7 64bit.

This occurs with every project. It is not isolated to just 1 project.
Thanks for reading.




I have similar issues. But i don’t think its a bug.

Howdy Crocopede,

Thank you for reporting this information. I was able to replicate what you have seen with deleting folders and having them reappear. I have place report UE-11796 into our bug database so that the issue may be resolved in a future release.

At this time, I cam uncertain as to when this issue will be resolved but I will be sure to keep you updated as I see any change in the report.

Thanks and have a great day!

Thx dude. No rush… its minor.

This change has been scheduled to be implemented in UE 4.14.

Not fixed in 4.14.1 , on Mac Osx, some folders delete, others don’t

As of 4.14.1 - this still occurs.

Are you on a Mac or PC?

4.15.0, can’t delete empty folder.

I was able to delete an empty folder following these steps:

  1. Open a blank project with Starter Content
  2. In the Content Browser, move all content of the Architectural folder to another folder in the Content Browser
  3. Delete the Architectural folder
  4. Save all
  5. Close Project
  6. Reopen Project
  7. Architectural Folder is gone from the Content Browser and Windows explorer as expected.

Please try these steps and let me know if you do not get the same results. Also, please post the steps you are following so that the folder does not delete. Remember to save all in your project after deleting.

4.21.1, u guys could fix this? theres so much glitch with the content browser reference loosing while moving… folder keep holding file while deleting those. then you loose reference of some asset because you move this… thats terrible.