Editor keeps moving left and doesn't stop please help

Basically when I open up a project in Unreal, the screen just keeps scrolling left nonstop, as if I were pressing the left arrow button. None of my other programs are affected by this. I tried reinstalling Unreal, and the same thing happened. Of course I also reset my computer. Can I please get some guidance as to what might be going on? Thanks.

Hi malospam,

Do you have any controllers plugged in? Especially something with analogs controls.

I had my xbox controller plugged in. Anyways for some reason , its not doing that any more today. So it solved spontaneously. You’re right though I didn’t think of the joystick being plugged in. Thanks TJ.

If it happens again and you find out that it is the issue, don’t feel bad. The reason I even mentioned it was the same thing happened to me about a month ago. Sometimes the editor would be slowly moving and I didn’t know why, then other times it was fine. I finally figured out it was my Xbox controller. :slight_smile:



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LOL, Just happened to me. xbox controller !

I can confirm that this was the case for me as well. Having the Xbox controller plugged in while I launched the project caused the editor to drift forward. After unplugging the controller and restarting the project, the problem went away.

Can confirm :smiley:

Thank you! My dog knocked over my controller and I thought nothing of it. Then went into Unreal and thought it was completely broken. I’m a little surprised the controller can even move around the editor mode like that though. Seems particularly pointless and only serves to cause confusion like this scenario.

Same thing happened to me… read the first comment about having an Xbox controller plugged in… looked to down to my right and my puppy was sleeping on the controller LOL

lol This just happened to me. I went into a small panic like I had messed my project up. Thanks, cheers.