Editor is duplicating assets

I’ve just reorganized this project by dragging assets and clicking “Move Here”. The editor has created duplicate assets in both the origin and destination. When I press “Force Delete” the file is not deleted on the file system.

I don’t want these files cluttering my SSD. How can I clean these files out which I no longer use (filtering by “Not used in any level” does not yield any results). How can I make the editor actually delete files when I ask and stop caching useless duplicates?

Have you tried to fix redirectors and to validate files?

Not yet! By the looks of it [Redirectors | Unreal Engine 5.0 Documentation], the artifacts that I’m could be redirectors?

Following these instructions to Show Redirectors and Fix Up the redirectors worked for me! Thanks!

Edit: Don’t know if the documentation mentions it but you can also “Right-click folder → Fix up redirectors in folder”

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