Editor is crashing on map change?

I have a blueprint that uses the “Add Scene Capture Component 2D” node which then uses a “Create Render Target 2D” node and assigns it to the scene capture component. Then a master blueprint gathers these blueprints and gets their created texture and assigns it into a Post Process Material. This all works perfectly fine, the issue I’m having however is that when changing maps within editor I am getting this crash - https://gyazo.com/c2973da36a67fd133054514b75f01f9c

I am not using level streaming at all to change or load/unload levels, simply going to File, then Open Level.

I have been able to get it down to a single blueprint node that is causing the crash, but have been unable to figure out why, or how to fix this… The node that is causing the crashing is “Set Texture Parameter Value” which is basically just taking the texture created from the blueprint mentioned before and assigning it into the PP material. This setup does not crash if I change the Set Texture Parameter node to be a static texture from the content browser, it only crashes when using one created dynamically from the scene capture 2D.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!