Editor is a blue (and purple) screen of death on OS X

The editor on OSX was working for me, but I decided to try the OSX 10.10 developer preview which was fun, but the UE did not work a long with many other features so I did a fresh install of 10.9 again.

I’ve updated all of the software and the OS to the latest version, but when I open the editor this is what I see. I’ve tried normal troubleshooting - restarting application, closing other processes, restarting etc. etc. Is there something I’m missing? I apologize if this is posted in the wrong place.

Hi devdavi,

Can you please post this to the bug reports section of the answerhub at http://answers.unrealengine.com along with your system specs? Thank you!

Yep! I knew this was in the wrong place- Apologies! - can you delete this thread?